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About YLC

YLC History:

Lakesha Young, known as "The Candle Lady," is the Founder and CEO of YLC Candle. Originally from Dawson, Georgia, Ms. Young now lives and operates her business in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2017, Ms. Young's journey in the candle industry began, and "YLC Candle" was born. She started in her kitchen in a 2-bedroom apartment, mixing various fragrances and wax to create wonderful products that bring a great vibe to any surface. Handcrafting and manufacturing candles and freshener sprays became a performance art to her. Now, YLC Candle offers other companies and brands the opportunity to develop their own fragrance, which can be used in their products for promotion and sale.

Ms. Young has received numerous honors, including an interview and featured article in Voyage Magazine, 2020 Southwest Georgia STE(A)M Career Day, recipient of the 2020 Queen on the Rise Awards, and Forbes BLK certified. YLC Candle products were also featured in the 2022 Bettiah International Film Festival's winning movie, "I Just Love That Man." Ms. Young's products were also featured on KandiOnline, and YLC Candle was one of the primary sponsors for the B.L.A.C.K. I.A.M. Awards shows and events.

In her spare time, Ms. Young enjoys helping others, being active in the community, and giving back, especially to the youth. She has always had a passion for technology and mathematics and enjoys passing that knowledge on to the younger generation.

Integrity, taking ownership of your actions, and always listening to the concerns of your clients are some of Ms. Young's primary values.

Something Ms. Young lives by and would like to leave you with is this: "If you have enough time to be afraid, you have enough time to think about solutions."